Dark Age of Camelot Screenshots

From my first Realm vs. Realm battle (2/10/02)

Location: M1 in Emain Macha, Hibernia

Trolls hammer us (2/10/02)  Salic, my level 26 Armsmen, wisely does not charge into the Midgard hammer-fest.

sshot017.jpg (171131 bytes) My first target ;-)

sshot019.jpg (185817 bytes) Nukem baby!

sshot020.jpg (211721 bytes) Hammer time

sshot029.jpg (172304 bytes) Avenge me oh siegecraft

sshot030.jpg (162459 bytes) Brave defenders of Albion

sshot036.jpg (137525 bytes) Ooh they have a siege weapon too

sshot038.jpg (173034 bytes) And our response