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POP: Rock, Jazz, Brazilian,On-line magazines,Etc...



  1. Bach Plucked Michael Stitt, downunder in Austrailia, has an excellent site for Bach music on plucked instruments. You can even download various transcriptions for guitar or lute. It is constantly growing, so return there often!
  2. Brazilian Guitar Home Page
  3. Electronic Musicological Review
  4. Braz. Guitar: Guitar Magazine
    Hey, check the above three pages out. They have several good articles on all things pertaining to the guitar and Brazil. And you can submit your own paper for consideration.
  5. Christopher Parkening I believe that this is his official site.
  6. Editions Orphée Home PageMr. Orphee has several articles to read, as well as information on his Publishing Company.
  7. Guitar & Lute
  8. Italian Just Classical Guitar Home PageOffered in English and Italian, you can find information on the Italian side of the classical guitar: Giuliani, Italian builders, etc.
  9. Rosewood GuitarThe Rosewood Guitar in Seattle has become one of the premier Web sites for ordering guitar music and accessories.
  10. The Classical Guitar Home Page A Portland, Oregon site that includes information on the "segovia-l" mailing list.
  11. Guitar Salon International--Classical and Flamenco GuitarsAnother site that offers a magazine with their retail site.
  12. Frederick Noad Classical Guitar Homepage
  13. The Classical Guitar Home Page in JapanMostly in English.
  14. Guitar LiteratureNorwegian site with a huge guitar composers list.
  15. Classical Guitar Aficionados' PageAmong other things, this has a comprehensive list of guitar societies from around the world.
  16. Classical Guitar Composers List
  17. Guitar Foundation of America - Classical Guitar Homepage
  18. The Unofficial Assad Home Page
  19. Fernando Sor's Page
  20. The Guitar Review Classical Guitar Magazine WebsiteNot only do they offer selections from their current issue, but some offerings from 50 years of archives.
  21. Chanterelle VerlagThe guitar music publisher.
  22. LBM's Guitar PageA good Spanish site with a guitar magazine "CEJILLA".
  23. Guitar and Lute Midi Library


  1. Arthur Robb - Lute Maker - Musical Instrument Maker
  2. Arto Wikla's Music PageArto has a huge collection of links of primarily early music sites from around the world! This is the best place to start.
  3. The Lute Page From Dartmouth
  4. The Lute Page A different one.
  5. The Lute Society of America Page!
  6. Bach Plucked Michael Stitt, downunder in Austrailia, has an excellent site for Bach music on plucked instruments. You can even download various transcriptions for guitar or lute. It is constantly growing, so return there often!
  8. Lute Tablature
  9. LUTE
  10. Le Luth Renaissance
  11. Intabolatura de Leuto
  12. Directory of /pub/fronimo
  14. Francesco da Milano
  15. Plucker StudioTablature editing software.
  16. A Variety of Lute Lessons A "Fronimo" (tablature software) data archive.
  17. Guitar and Lute Midi Library


  1. Bach Central Station
  2. Classical MIDI Archives
  3. Dave's J.S. Bach Page
  4. Guitar and Lute Midi Library
  6. The J.S. Bach Home Page
  7. Virtual library Biblioteca musicale Ostiglia.html
  8. Classical InsitesA great Classical Magazine site!
  9. Smusic Home PageClassical CD sales.

POP (Rock, Jazz, etc.)


  1. ELP - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  2. Marcus Rambo's Ultimate Tribute to Hendrix
  3. Notes From the EdgeA "YES" page.
  4. The Official Yoko Ono Home Page
  5. World Wide Beatles Links...
  6. Sub Pop Records OnlineThe legendery Seattle lable.
  7. Welcome to the Ultimate Band List
  8. Jimi Hendrix
  9. Jimi Hendrix Server
  10. Experience Music Project
  11. IUMA, Welcome to IUMA"Internet Underground Music Archive" - various music items.
  12. Guitar Links : The ZoNiE PageA good list of electric guitar related links.


  1. Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
  2. Nerd World : MUSIC - JAZZ
  3. Jazz Central StationEven has a chat room with special guests!


  1. The Gilberto Gil Web Site: Spanish, Portuguese & English
  2. Primeira Página Midi Pop Brasileira
  3. Nerd World : BRAZIL

On-line Magazines

  2. ICE Magazine ICE Magazine is a publication geared towards the CD collector.
  3. Rocktropolis On-line mag.
  4. Welcome to SonicNetNews, reviews, chat - a multi-purpose site.
  5. Addicted To Noise Sister site to SonicNet, more news & reviews.
  6. CMJ Online"New Music" focus, with news, reviews, and a on-line radio station.


  1. POLLSTAR - The Concert HotwireA good place to see who is coming where and when.
  2. Web:MusicOK, much more inclusive list of rock related links than this page will ever be!
  3. The Music Law Home PageRun by a Lawyer that is breaking into Music Law.
  4. MIDI Mayhem
  5. VH1Home page of the Cable-TV channel.
  6. Sony Music
  7. Hollywood Records
  8. Music BoulevardOn-line CD shop.
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