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default CSS font families

serif xx-large

serif x-large

serif large

serif larger

serif medium

serif smaller

serif small

serif x-small

serif xx-small

serif 48pt

serif 24pt

serif 20pt

serif 18pt

serif 14pt

serif 12pt

serif 10pt

serif 9pt

serif 8pt

serif 7pt

serif 6pt

sans-serif 48pt

sans-serif 24pt

sans-serif 20pt

sans-serif 18pt

sans-serif 14pt

sans-serif 12pt

sans-serif 10pt

sans-serif 9pt

sans-serif 8pt

sans-serif 7pt

sans-serif 6pt

monospace 48pt

monospace 24pt

monospace 20pt

monospace 18pt

monospace 14pt

monospace 12pt

monospace 10pt

monospace 9pt

monospace 8pt

monospace 7pt

monospace 6pt

cursive 48pt

cursive 24pt

cursive 20pt

cursive 18pt

cursive 14pt

cursive 12pt

cursive 10pt

cursive 9pt

cursive 8pt

cursive 7pt

cursive 6pt

fantasy 48pt

fantasy 24pt

fantasy 20pt

fantasy 18pt

fantasy 14pt

fantasy 12pt

fantasy 10pt

fantasy 9pt

fantasy 8pt

fantasy 7pt

fantasy 6pt

Adobe fonts

helvetica 48pt

helvetica 24pt

helvetica 20pt

helvetica 18pt

helvetica 14pt

helvetica 12pt

helvetica 10pt

helvetica 9pt

helvetica 8pt

helvetica 7pt

helvetica 6pt

times 48pt

times 24pt

times 20pt

times 18pt

times 14pt

times 12pt

times 10pt

times 9pt

times 8pt

times 7pt

times 6pt

courier 48pt

courier 24pt

courier 20pt

courier 18pt

courier 14pt

courier 12pt

courier 10pt

courier 9pt

courier 8pt

courier 7pt

courier 6pt

Microsoft Web fonts

Microsoft used to offer the following fonts for free, under the name “Microsoft’s TrueType core fonts for the web”, but has since gotten cold feet.

Arial 48pt

Arial 24pt

Arial 20pt

Arial 18pt

Arial 14pt

Arial 12pt

Arial 10pt

Arial 9pt

Arial 8pt

Arial 7pt

Arial 6pt

Verdana 48pt

Verdana 24pt

Verdana 20pt

Verdana 18pt

Verdana 14pt

Verdana 12pt

Verdana 10pt

Verdana 9pt

Verdana 8pt

Verdana 7pt

Verdana 6pt

Andale Mono 48pt

Andale Mono 24pt

Andale Mono 20pt

Andale Mono 18pt

Andale Mono 14pt

Andale Mono 12pt

Andale Mono 10pt

Andale Mono 9pt

Andale Mono 8pt

Andale Mono 7pt

Andale Mono 6pt

Webdings 48pt

Webdings 24pt

Webdings 20pt

Webdings 18pt

Webdings 14pt

Webdings 12pt

Webdings 10pt

Webdings 9pt

Webdings 8pt

Webdings 7pt

Webdings 6pt

Trebuchet MS 48pt

Trebuchet MS 24pt

Trebuchet MS 20pt

Trebuchet MS 18pt

Trebuchet MS 14pt

Trebuchet MS 12pt

Trebuchet MS 10pt

Trebuchet MS 9pt

Trebuchet MS 8pt

Trebuchet MS 7pt

Trebuchet MS 6pt

Georgia 48pt

Georgia 24pt

Georgia 20pt

Georgia 18pt

Georgia 14pt

Georgia 12pt

Georgia 10pt

Georgia 9pt

Georgia 8pt

Georgia 7pt

Georgia 6pt

Comic Sans MS 48pt

Comic Sans MS 24pt

Comic Sans MS 20pt

Comic Sans MS 18pt

Comic Sans MS 14pt

Comic Sans MS 12pt

Comic Sans MS 10pt

Comic Sans MS 9pt

Comic Sans MS 8pt

Comic Sans MS 7pt

Comic Sans MS 6pt

Arial Black 48pt

Arial Black 24pt

Arial Black 20pt

Arial Black 18pt

Arial Black 14pt

Arial Black 12pt

Arial Black 10pt

Arial Black 9pt

Arial Black 8pt

Arial Black 7pt

Arial Black 6pt

Impact 48pt

Impact 24pt

Impact 20pt

Impact 18pt

Impact 14pt

Impact 12pt

Impact 10pt

Impact 9pt

Impact 8pt

Impact 7pt

Impact 6pt

Times New Roman 48pt

Times New Roman 24pt

Times New Roman 20pt

Times New Roman 18pt

Times New Roman 14pt

Times New Roman 12pt

Times New Roman 10pt

Times New Roman 9pt

Times New Roman 8pt

Times New Roman 7pt

Times New Roman 6pt

Courier New 48pt

Courier New 24pt

Courier New 20pt

Courier New 18pt

Courier New 14pt

Courier New 12pt

Courier New 10pt

Courier New 9pt

Courier New 8pt

Courier New 7pt

Courier New 6pt

Other Microsoft fonts

Lucida Handwriting 48pt

Lucida Handwriting 24pt

Lucida Handwriting 20pt

Lucida Handwriting 18pt

Lucida Handwriting 14pt

Lucida Handwriting 12pt

Lucida Handwriting 10pt

Lucida Handwriting 9pt

Lucida Handwriting 8pt

Lucida Handwriting 7pt

Lucida Handwriting 6pt


Bitstream used to offer a free Unicode font called Cyberbit, But have since pulled it. It’s still available for license to developers.

Bitstream has since released an open licensed font family named Vera. The open-source project Deja Vu is based on this font.

Cyberbit 48pt

Cyberbit 24pt

Cyberbit 20pt

Cyberbit 18pt

Cyberbit 14pt

Cyberbit 12pt

Cyberbit 10pt

Cyberbit 9pt

Cyberbit 8pt

Cyberbit 7pt

Cyberbit 6pt

Vera Serif 48pt

Vera Serif 24pt

Vera Serif 20pt

Vera Serif 18pt

Vera Serif 14pt

Vera Serif 12pt

Vera Serif 10pt

Vera Serif 9pt

Vera Serif 8pt

Vera Serif 7pt

Vera Serif 6pt

Vera Sans 48pt

Vera Sans 24pt

Vera Sans 20pt

Vera Sans 18pt

Vera Sans 14pt

Vera Sans 12pt

Vera Sans 10pt

Vera Sans 9pt

Vera Sans 8pt

Vera Sans 7pt

Vera Sans 6pt

Vera Sans Mono 48pt

Vera Sans Mono 24pt

Vera Sans Mono 20pt

Vera Sans Mono 18pt

Vera Sans Mono 14pt

Vera Sans Mono 12pt

Vera Sans Mono 10pt

Vera Sans Mono 9pt

Vera Sans Mono 8pt

Vera Sans Mono 7pt

Vera Sans Mono 6pt